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M3 miniSD

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By Zarcon - 4th October 2006


Hey! Here comes a hardware review...albeit a tad bit late....

I'll be talking about the M3 miniSD...actually, there isn't much to talk about. All M3 products function pretty much the same and use the same software for the most part.
Hell, they even use the same styled packaging.
So although the review may be short, it doesn't mean the card itself is bad.

Thanks to Kick Trading for always supplying us with review units! And apologies for this tardy review, real life sometimes sucks like that.

So on that final note, lets get to it!


As mentioned above, the packing is almost exactly like any other of M3's boxing.
I'll point out that, contrary to the image on the box, the miniSD card is inserted the other way.

The package comes with the card itself and a mini-CD containing the latest M3 Game Manager the time of packaging anyway.
You'll want to grab the latest version from their website, as well as firmware updates. Especially around times of new releases where they seem to release updates like rabbits in heat.
GBAtemp is normally on top of firmware and software updates of various cards, you can just keep an eye out on the front page.

The M3 miniSD Itself

Well, for a DSphat gen card it's pretty small, almost sitting flush with the DS itself. It sticks out roughly 2mm, not too bad.


So if you're looking for an M3 and have a DSphat, go with an M3 miniSD. In fact, as of this time, I believe there is a revision that sits perfectly flush with the DSphat!

Alas, we're in the age of DSlites and so...


As you can see, the card is roughly 1cm taller than the DSlite protective card. This of course means that it'll stick out a fair bit.


Although it looks kind of bad you really don't notice while playing with it. Your hands don't come close to touching the card...even if you have big hands.
The only time it might interfere is with games like The Rub Rabbits where you turn the DS on its side.

I'd like to point out that the card seems to be pretty sturdy. I've dropped my DSphat and DSlite with it in the slot and it still works fine.
In fact, a few times the drop has caused the card to pop out and hit other still works fine.
At first I thought you were supposed to insert the miniSD as shown on the box...I forced it pretty hard before I figured out it went in the other way.
Surprisingly, there was no damage to the card.
You really don't need to worry about the card breaking on you from what I've seen!

Using the M3 miniSD

As was mentioned, the software and usage aspect of the M3 is similar, if not identical, to all other M3 products.
Therefore, refer to the other M3 reviews for info on the software aspect:
Click here to go to our Review Section.


M3 products tend to deliver, and the M3 miniSD is no exception.

If you still have the DSphat than the M3 miniSD is the perfect choice for you if you're aiming for an M3 product.
If you have a DSlite...then you should still consider it if you want a bit more space over the microSD cards, or if you'll ever need to use it with a DSphat.

+ Nice and compact for DSphat standards.
+ Sturdy build, won't fail on you after a few drops.
+ Software-wise, the M3 team constantly updates if a new release doesn't agree with current software and/or firmware.

- Sticks out of the DSlite a fair bit.

All things considered, it's an excellent card that won't disappoint...and if it does, M3 would probably have a fix out soon enough.

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