M3 microSD Won't Play GBA games

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by dstaley, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. dstaley

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    Apr 12, 2007
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    I have a M3 microSD and it refuses to play my GBA ROMS. I've tried it with NDS ROMS and it works fine, but I mianly want to use it to play GBA games on my GBA. I've tried updating the cart to the latest version (v35), and have tried several ROMS. When I load the ROM, it goes to the Cheat screen and freezes. If I load some cheats, it will allow me to press Start, go white, and then put me back on the Cheat page. But, running NDS ROMS works just fine on the DS, but playing GBA games does not work on either the DS or the GBA.
  2. DanTheManMS

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    Jun 2, 2007
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    Do you have an M3 Perfect or M3 Pro? The Pro series is claimed to be able to run GBA games up to 4 MBytes, but in practice I think it can't even run those.