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    Jul 9, 2008
    I open the way these problems!


    I have recovered the M3 with a client who had bought there is roughly one month ...

    He had a desire to load, sometimes a message appears before the game could not be loaded!

    It spoke of RAM FAIL

    Basically impossible to write something to ram!

    So I have exchanged tested against a new one ...

    It was compared, and at first I thought that it was his sincere console that déconnait (DSL white new)

    After I actually met the same problem as him on my console

    Returning home, I opened the trick, verified welds and other ...

    Done a first round of cleaning,
    loading FF3 = Ram Fail ...

    I re-disassembles, cleans everything, welds redone, and I m'apperçois that the big chip in the stack, to extrèmité feet (feet, which is located in the corners of the chip) was not well-knit And especially that which is right in front of the room chrome to 2 feet

    I ressoude, re-clean, and there I see a strange substance, as a paste gluante who finds himself stuck (result cleaning) between the leg re-welded and the next

    So I clean again and scratched with a needle

    Since yesterday, were tested full-full of games with a potte, and not worry!

    The one who is surprised that the message "Loading Game" appears longer than linker on my staff?

    So much for the small story ...

    But the aid has R4DS The M3 this dating Up [​IMG]

    1)download the System Files for M3 Lite

    2)Turn Your expensive DS
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    Erm... do you speak English? This sounded like it was put through Babelfish. Are you trying to say that you need to clean out the PCB in the M3? Also as Twiffles said, it belongs in the M3 section.
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    Don't hound the guy on his English [​IMG]

    All I can think for you to do is send it back to the place that sold it to you...mine's fully functional and I've owned it for well over a year. [​IMG]

    BTW, topic moved to appropriate forum.
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    google = uberphail =)