M3 Lite Pro VS SC Lite Rumble

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    All right,

    I appreciate fanboyisms but let me give it one more try. I hope this'll work out.

    Anyway, I was looking around and saw M3 Lite Pros and SC Lite Rumbles at ridiculously low prices (Will not advertise). The M3LP was 4 bucks more expensive than the SCLR.

    The question is: (Answer only one to save you trouble lol)

    Version 1 - Should I pay an extra 4 bucks for the M3LP or stick with SCLR?
    Version 2 - Why is M3 more expensive than SC? They all look similar to me in terms of their performance overall.

    One side note you guys would need to keep in mind is that I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GBA. JUST NDS AND MEDIA.