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Dec 17, 2007
United States
I"m getting my microsd ready for the M3 Lite that will be showing up soon. And I have a couple questions about the game manager v35e.

When I go to write a GBA game, a little window pops with a few tabs. The first tab says Real Time Save. So I know to tick the real time save box to get this feature during a game.

The second tab is labeled Rom Patch. And there's three option on this tab. The first option is called Soft Patch, the second one is Hardware Support 1, and the third is Hardware Support 2.

So, I'm asking about this second tab because of soft reset. Do I tick the Soft Patch option to get soft reset in the game? I'm kind of confused about it. Because by default, Hardware Support 1 is already ticked. So is soft reset a default option that the game manager automatically writes into every GBA game, or do I need to tick the Soft Patch option to get soft reset in the game?

Any information on this will be greatly appreciated.

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