M3/G6 Multimedia Extensions Announced

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    The GBalpha team, which is the M3/G6 brand owner, has released new information about their upcoming media player update, M3/G6 Multimedia Extensions. This application will bring the M3/G6 multimedia experience to a new level with features such as: Dual-Screen movie playback, DSM/GBM/DPG high-resolution video support with Pixel control technology, multi-taking support with priority detection capability, DS screen swapping, power-off ability, DS Lite brightness adjustment, sleep mode, skin selector & changer, multiple music format support with full range of play options, music playback with on-screen lyrics display, Word document support, website browser, Super eBook & notepad support, text font selection throughout, and more! The team mentions of additional features when used with the G6/M3 DS Real product line, although no specifics are mentioned.

    The GBalpha team has also released the full anime series “The Prince of Tennis” as a promotional download on their website. This new media player, code name kernel C33, is currently in testing and will be launched on all current and upcoming M3/G6 product lines, starting first with the G6DS Real. Click the jump for more images and a tester’s perspective.


    LINK: http://www.moddz.com/index.php