M3/G6 DS Real Firmware v4.3f X45

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    M3/G6 DS Real Firmware v4.3f X45
    Game Fixes
    Game compatibility fixes of:

    # 3782 - Sloan and the Mystery of Story
    # 3789 - For me to protect you
    # 3790 - The Creation of two professional Baseball Teams


    M3 / G6 DS Real v4.3f x45 (28th-05-2009):

    Improvement projects:
    1. Solution "3782 - Sloan and the mystery of Story (J)" is not normal and can not run into the problem of the third act, can now normal game;
    2. Solution "3789 - for me to protect you (J)," joining the soft reset, the game is the problem of abnormal operation;
    3. Solve the "3790 - the creation of two professional baseball teams (J)," the problem of abnormal operation;
    4. Chinese name automatically control support to 3810 show that its DS game ROM.
    Note: As of date, all NDS games can be normal operation, can not use the soft reset the game 57, can not use real-time archive of 97 games.


    Contributed by Zerrix
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