M3 DS slot device; M3 DS simply

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Well, I guess M3 is coming with their M3 DS slot mod. Source;
    Not much else I can tell you (don't real Chinese sorry).

    Seems to say fat32 so no special format needed of your microSD card, of course 100% compatibility is claimed and apparently another version should be released the M3 DS real.
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    May 9, 2006
    my first post!!i ve been here for quite a long time buy lazy to post, anyway...here is a direct translation from online translation site.

    Own decipher: The movie card company newest DS end product details disseminate news

    Today obtains movie card company newest DS end product some news, the following tells gives you:

    1st, this product naming is M3 DS Simply, is a section populace popularization product, does not have GBA to play the function, the PDA module as well as the multimedia expansion function, only has the NDS game function
    2nd, this product uses Micro SD, supports the Fat32 form
    3rd, it is said that when this card first round to Clean the Rom compatibility is 100%, requests the high several section games to the speed, also cannot have any slowing and die machine the question
    4th, adds on the general FAT32 form, so long as can use Windows the duplication and the glue function users all may simply the NDS game copy to the SD card in, may not need any software intervention
    5th, price aspect, it is reported in 200 Yuan, moreover cannot be 198 Yuan this kind of scales, could be a lower price
    6th, the future will also be able to promote the function multiplication high function DS end product M3 DS Real
    7?Exempts the guidance, exempts brushes machine

    If time product issue can achieve above characteristic truly, truly also really suffices the cow.
    At present must promote other section product Ewin3, estimated as soon as at the appointed time the two suffice to spell ............

    Any website reprint please give the source [YYJoy.com] http://www.yyjoy.com
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    Dec 1, 2006
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    I wish we could get some more info on this