m3 Ds Real (m3 sakura)

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    Sep 3, 2008
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    This is the Menu that I WANT Exactly THis will help u too understand my problem too and ya

    okay so i got a m3 dsreal..but when i looked on the card it says on the upper left hand corner " m3sakura" but it's still m3 ds real in the middle. so i guess now my question is where can i download the exact version of the REAL " m3 ds real" ( not sakura version!) can someone please send me a link or help me please [​IMG] it's greatly appreciated and i mean a hell of a big appreciation if u help me [​IMG]

    btw the error i got is that i didn't get any software with it and ya so i have to start from scratch
    so ya is there anyway that i can have the Menu Like the " m3 ds real " has? please help [​IMG]
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    have you formatted your micro sd yet

    also wrong section
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