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    hi has anyone here ordered from consolesource.com. I placed an order on monday jan 2 for the m3 with passkey which it says is in stock and chose 3-5 day shipping which was $10 more. when I goto the site to check my order it says it wasnt even packed or shipped yet. but I did recieve an email the day I ordered it that it in stock items would ship out in 24hrs. I sent them an email but have not gotten a response. should I expect not to recieve the m3 I ordered for a few more weeks. Im from US and I heard there from canada. what were other peoples experiance when ordereing from them.
    thanks for any responses
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    just a point, if you look at any of the negative feedback on there, you see a cut and paste "ConsoleSource.com's reputation precedes this illogical and slanderous accusation."
    heh, if only it were always so easy to cutnpaste angry people away, I might like to work in customer service at the walmart. From day one their reputation has been "slandered" on the feedback sites. Im fairly certain I didnt leave any feedback on that site though, they used to link to a different one with much older "slander" - Im not even going to mention the fact that they publicized tracking numbers from shippers that explicitly only to be used by the sender and reciever (ie: private)

    Now for my mini-book:

    I used to deal with them for PS2 chips and accessories, at first (about a year and half ago) they responded to emails fast and the site was updated well. Later, after buying about $500 worth of hard disk/chips/accessories successfully with absolutely no hassles, I ordered a HDLoader for a friend from them (it was the only thing in my order) and should have had it in a week. 3 weeks later they sent me a HDAdvanced, without even mentioning the substitution. (if your not familiar with these disks for PS2, they are pressed disks which allow you to copy a game to the PS2 hard disk and play it from there, HDLoader is the origional and was what they had pictured, HDAdvanced is a direct rip-off of ps2-scenes decoded elf file from HDLoader, pressed onto a disk with the "Free HDLoader" title still at the top).

    Needless to say, I was somewhat irate that they sold me something that is freely available (and that I already had anyways). I gave my friend my origional hdloader and spent almost the same amount of time (and money) sending the disk back and filing a claim through paypal. I tried to phone them with their number filed on PayPal - no answer. Same with the contact info on their site. I sent email, with no reply. The only way I actually got to get a hold of anyone was when their web support button was still working.

    Another time, just after this (the way it was explained to me, they did not know there was a difference between the HDLoader and HDAdvanced since they got them from the same place) I 2 $65 chips for PS2's that were waiting for them. They said in stock on the site, and due to past experiences I contacted them with their live web support before ordering to confirm they actually had some and that if I ordered they would ship. Needless to say, I put my faith in the wrong place, 3 weeks later, the people who owned the PS2's were getting impatient (and I was getting angry). I went back to the site, it still said in stock. I got a hold of someone with the live web support thing again to ask what was going on with my order. They didnt have any stock and were waiting on stock to clear customs or something similar. I got my money back and ordered from a different seller and had the chips in hand 2 days later.

    They are one of the reasons I now go to divineo for most things they buy from Divineo Wholesale themselves as far as I know (and now buy my hard disks locally at SATA computers for a fraction of their listed prices on ConsoleSource (I mean, 68CAD for a 80gig hard disk in a brick and mortar store is just an awesome price).

    You will get your package eventually though, I will give them that much; they dont directly swindle you by giving you nothing, but they have many bulls that sh@t all over their website including not-updated stock and unrealistic shipping times (not to mention charging you extra to wait), and I think their lousy service has cost them alot of customers so they can no longer afford to have someone answer web talk live and mails.

    I'll hold my breath for you and hope Im wrong, and that in your case the package went out close to on time, but chances are if its still processing on their site they dont even have stock and probably have no clue when they will get stock.

    My advice: avoid consolesource like the plague. They are a disgrace to Canadian underground businesses for such shoddy practices to those unlucky enough to order the wrong thing on the wrong day...

    Anyways, enough nasty stuff, I ordered my M3-SD chinese ver from winsunx.com on january 2, and had it in my hand and converted to an english M3-SD a few hours ago (it was shipped from china to boot!). I hear divineo is similar for shipping from China, 5-14 days through registered post at $5USD shipping.

    Heh, I just looked at their site, they have indeed removed the links to a feedback site that people used to go to, which was filled with BAAAD feedback for them.

    Be warned: they charge a 5% fee if you try and cancel your order. Even if they are in the wrong with stock etc.
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    I ordered one from them on 12/28 and still have not reieived it. Tried to use their ticket system and never got an answer. Their 1800 number is ALWAYS busy. I wrote a review on resellerratings and they responded saying that they had it on stock but they tested the batch they recieved and had to send it all back. They were very rude about it.
    I wonldnt suggest ordering from them.
    I also ordered one from diveneo us on 12/24 and still havent got it, they are waiting for it to get in stock. I wish I would have known I could turn a chinese one into english...
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    I tried to order a Passcard3 from them. It has been nearly a month and still no goods. They don't answer their phones, email, or the chat on their website. At best, nobody's home. At worst they are scammers.
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    If you paid with a CC, contact your company and issue a charge back. If you used Paypal, then complain.