M3 and DivX?

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    Aug 10, 2006
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    OK I haven't really found any useful information about that. I know the M3 software can convert video files into a special format which the M3 can play.

    but now that the max media player can play DivX files out of the box I wonder if it is somehow possible to play DivX (avi, mpg etc.) files directly with the M3. does anyone know anything about this?
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    Simple answer no.

    While it might be possible with some serious optimisation to get somewhere (there was a tech demo for the GBA a very long time ago but it ran at about 2 fps in VBA with the speed button down (it was a zelda trailer and it was on one of the homebrew sites in case you care) there is no out of the box support.
    You need to convert first but fortunately it not usually a long process especially from a standard (A)SP codec (Divx,Xvid,MS-MPEG4,3vix etc)
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    Sep 3, 2006
    MMP can play divx files now? Show me a link. As far as I know it just requires you to dl their software and convert it just like moonshell. I had a pentium 90 back when divx first hit the scene and it choked,I don't think native support will ever be possible on the DS...maybe .MPG though.
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    i think a mp4 player is possible