m3 adapter mp3 playing runs too slow any idea?

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    hello today i load a downloaded 'soul of ibiza' mp3 tracklist of 36 numbers, which i downloaded from a torrent file. but when i start playing everything of thoose tracks played really slow, i was thinking when do they make speed in this mix but it never happened. when i play it on windows media player or virtual dj the speed is right and i hear a womans voice singing insted on the nds a slowmotion male voice. it just seem to be a wrong mp3 set? i do want to understand how such can happen. i you know/experient somewhat the same about feel free to post
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    Use Moonshell 2.10 instead
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    i've never used moonshell. because the gbalpha mediaplayer was always very good. the menu i tested was v4.8 x version. is the moonshell 2.1 better now as it was like first in the beginning? i just saw something about it on youtube but it seems nothing better:less options for playback and more, not that good. i just wanna know why it's different and not playing those mp3's like it should do: when you try and run a song, it starts with a digital scratch/beep noise what maybe proofs a little how could not be properly loaded/initialised. the size of the tracks are mosly 15mb or more