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    (From Left to Right:) [M]e/Naked Snake, thieves like us/Diskun, Samutz/Hollow Ichigo, Renegade_R/Soren, stefer/Shrek-Looking-Thingy, bobrules/Orange-Rabbit-Looking-Thingy, X-Gamer/Geno, Mewgia/Bidoof

    Comin' at ya with another random doodle: "Match #30'. Each person was drawn to match their ava/sig or in some other way if I had nufin to work with. [​IMG]

    As you may know, the first round of GBAtemp's CHG/42ATC tourney just finished up a couple days ago, and dag was it fun! The Match #30 group and I had an awesome time that night, Renegade_R emerged victorious, and we all wish him the best of luck in Round 2 this week! [​IMG]

    This piece actually has color, threw some shitty Crayolas on it cuz it didn't look right in simple B&W (guess I didn't press hard enough, since some characters skin pigment look white as hell [​IMG] ) . Upon finishing this piece, I've come to a realization. I need a tablet! If anyone happens to have a tablet they don't need or use, perhaps you wouldn't mind donating it to a needy artist like me or perhaps a trade of some sort would be sufficient? A tablet would allow me to digitally color my pieces and also enable me to start a small commission business of sorts with other artists I know, which would in turn. help me pay off my College Tuition and put me ahead of schedule! PM me if you're interested... [​IMG]

    Lastly, if any of you out there are extremely skilled at digital coloring, I'd love to see a variation on my piece! You can find the B&W lineart HERE. I really love viewing digitally colored stuff, so please, knock yourselves out and post your recolored version! [​IMG]
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    Epic win. I love the low signal Wi-Fi icon [​IMG]
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    It's only there because my connection hates everyone and everything and disconnects every five minutes (ie, I could not finish a game and lost to the extreme)
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    HAHAHA, i laughed at that [​IMG] like a lot [​IMG]
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    Martin, I thought the guy from Ape Escape had white hair?