M-06 Guitar DS game

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    Hitte Utaeru DS Guitar M-06

    No one seems to be talking about this highly anticipated music title. It's a guitar/rhythm game, and I'm assuming it has Daigasso-like qualities. Does anyone have more information on this music game?

    In the mean time I'll try and satisfy my own curiosity. It looks like this one is dropping on 12/21. It also looks as if the DS cart is physically bigger than your standard game. It's ninjads huge! I don't read Japanese, so feel free to translate website. I was thinking maybe it's extra memory for samples, considering the awesome sound quality.

    video clip
    official site
    amazon.co.jp page
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    That big thing sticking out of his DS slot is a proper DS devkit. They are actually that size [​IMG]

    The built of the 'game' he's using is obviously not the final thing.

    I'm looking forward to this app quite a bit, it's a really nifty idea!
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    Oct 25, 2006
    Does anyone know when this will ACTUALLY be released?

    Play-asia.com says it will be released December 21st, 2006..

    I hope its true cuz then i'm going to "order" it