Lunar Knights cheat codes. Sol, Luna, and Dark Emblems as well as Megaman Starforce key items.

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    Hello, all.

    I've been looking everywhere for the codes to unlock the Sol and Dark emblems in the US version of Lunar Knights. These two key items were given away in Japan via wireless and they allow Django (Aaron) to use the terrennial Nero and Sabata (Lucian) to use the terrennial Otenko (Toasty). After a whole lot of searching and a whole lot of disappointment, I decided to try and make the codes myself from scratch. Long story short, it worked, and I'd like to share some of my results with you all!

    ---All codes here are for the North American Version of the game---

    Firstly, these are the addresses of the different slots in your "Valuables" bag:

    0x021EC328 Slot 1
    0x021EC32A Slot 2
    0x021EC32C Slot 3
    0x021EC32E Slot 4
    0x021EC330 Slot 5
    0x021EC332 Slot 6
    0x021EC334 Slot 7
    0x021EC336 Slot 8
    0x021EC338 Slot 9
    ...and so on. Each adress increases by 2 for each slot.
    0x021EC34F Key Items last slot

    The item in each slot is stored as a 16bit value. These are some of the relevant items I found and their respective values:

    FFFF empty
    005E Endurance fruit (Functional)
    005F Speed Fruit (Anything below this appears to be an item one would store in their item bag. They all function as they were originally meant, even from your valuables menu!)
    0060 Mobile Unit
    0064 Solar Sensor v.1
    006A Transer (MMSF)
    006B Geo's glasses (MMSF)
    006C - 0072 Range of quest-based items
    0073 Luna Emblem
    0074 Sol Emblem
    0075 Dark Emblem
    0076+ ---Broken Items---
    After 0075, the items loop back to the names of useables, but the descriptions, freshness gauge, and icons are all broken. I've only tried to use one, but it did not function.

    Now, enabling these codes can be done by loading your save data into a DS emulator, changing the values at the addresses given, saving, and reloading your save back to your DS cartidge, but an AR code might be more useful to people than the information I gave. Below is a series of codes to give you the Sol, Luna, and Dark Emblems as well as Geo's Glasses and the Transer. These are set to overwrite your last 5 slots in the valuables menu, so take heed.

    021EC34F 00000075
    021EC34D 00000074
    021EC34B 00000073
    021EC349 0000006B
    021EC347 0000006A

    I'll be honest, I let DeSmuME handle the AR code conversion. Oddly enough, it's just the simple address and value to be written. Forgive me, but are these codes not considered RAW? Well, whatever the emulator says, I guess.

    So there you go. There are still some things I'd like to know, though. There was talk of a code that would unlock Warrock as a terrennial in this game, but I have no idea how to get him. Apparently the code was made by @the_9th_sage , but all the links to it are dead. (I've just now tried to contact him, I'll post back if anything returns).

    Also, what are the Lunar emblem, Geo's Glasses, and Transer for? Does anyone know?
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    Those are awesome! I'll give it a try once I have enough free time.
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    Thanks for the link! In short, it says that the Luna Emblem raises the max Guard Counter for the Silver Star to 99, but I' not certain if it works in the US version yet. I'm also not certain if it takes effect immediately or if it raises the maximum amount the shield can be leveled. As for the Transer and Visulaizer, those seem to be quest-based items with no function (EDIT: in the US version, at least. The Transer might somehow allow brother-bands to be formed, but I've no idea how that would work out.). You pick them up as part of the Rockman sidequest in the Japanese version and they only serve to further that sidequest.
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    To make these work on hardware, you should change the first '0' on each line to a '2' since you're writing 8-bits of data. The '0' denotes a 32-bit write which will malfunction since the addresses aren't 32-bit aligned. Other than that, nice job!
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    a fit of spasms and accidental black magic
    Hello, all. Just a small update.

    First of all: thanks to Demonic722 for the code to unlock Warrock as a terrennial in the US version!

    ::Unlock War Rock (US)
    121EC78C 00000006

    So, the address being modified here is 021EC78C, which normally holds a value of FFFF (empty, in this game) and it's followed by another FFFF. In attempting to find this value for myself, I came across a region of addresses which controls which terrennials are in your terrennial wheel. There are two empty values afterwards (FFFF) which, when modified, adds up to two slots to your wheel. Adding anything other than values for your currently equipable terrennials gives broken icons, so nothing amazing there, BUT the same pattern of terrennials followed by two empty addresses appears in the address region given by Demonic722. Messing with those empty slots will give Warrock (0006), a freeze (0007), and nothing will happen for anything above 0007. The fact that there are two extra terrennial slots in two places as well as the fact that only 0007 will freeze the game suggests to me that there was originally supposed to be another equipable terrennial, other than Warrock, which was cut before the game was completed.

    Yes, this is not entirely interesting, but I thought I'd put it out there.
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    I want to thank you for the Omega-Xis Terrenial code, the sites I did check didn't manage to have any working ones at all, or they would add three Frost Terrenials to my wheel but no Omega-Xis and act like Lucian/Aaron required a code each.

    Some things I want to point out are that while you can obtain the Luna Emblem and it does work, it's very glitchy. It will randomly decide to upgrade your Silver Star shield count instead of immediately recharging up to 99, so you can be stuck with something like 27 like I was for a long time so I just decided to opt out of it. The Dragon/Pegasus/Leo armors also do absolutely nothing as far as I can tell, so outside of completion there doesn't seem to be a reason to even bother. The Sol/Dark emblems do work, however on first addition to your wheel it might spawn a second Nero/Toasty for a bit, if you cycle through the wheel again it's fine. I've heard reports about the opposite sides causing problems or glitches outside of that, but I haven't seen anything yet with charge shots and normal attacks. I've also heard Omega-Xis can freeze your game, but charge shots and normal attacks haven't done anything yet, so it seems safe to use and a neat novelty. Regarding the cut usable items, Biometrics W seems to be something made for you to sell, the rest either heal TRC or everything all the way.

    While searching for inventory codes prior to finding your thread, I happened upon this user on GameFAQs and also this board:

    The file itself on his Google page works perfectly and will generate AR codes however you would like, although, to keep any of your item changes while you save, make sure you put at least one item into your usable inventory via AR codes then shift the position so the cheat spawns another one in the last position(I.E. Chocolate in slot 19, move it out of slot 19, shift menu tabs to something else then back so it respawns in slot 19 along with the one you moved). This seemed like the only way I could get the cheats to actually stick once I saved my game, as just loading it with cheats then saving provided me with my default inventory prior to the cheats and no Omega-Xis Terrenial.

    For those wondering exactly on what was unique to the Japanese content, here's a list as far as I can gather:
    Biometrics W, Christmas Cake, Otoshidama and Valentine's Chocolate

    Pegasus Rock Head, Dragon Rock Body and Leo Rock Leg

    Sol Emblem, Luna Emblem, Dark Emblem, Transer, Geo's Glasses