Hacking Homebrew Luma3DS (v10.2.1) I can't find the game I'm looking for via /luma/titles/TITLE_ID


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Jan 9, 2022
United States
I'm new to luma and I just wanna apply a patch to an installed cartridge dump of MM3D. Patching is on and I'm using 7-zip for my file manager. No matter what I replace TITLE_ID with nothing comes up. I've been looking into it and it seems to be a fairly unique issue. Maybe something isn't configured right. I have my hack on hand and everything it requires, I just cant access the CIA file in order to do anything. I've tried code.bin and locale.txt as well as nothing at all but it keeps redirecting me back to /luma/titles/. Just saying, huge thanks to anyone who can help. Any ideas?

EDIT: I screwed up the title of the thread, I can't find ANY games via the directory.

FINAL EDIT: I found it out, I was just being dumb.
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