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    Dec 30, 2012
    I haven't seen this answered in the FAQ, so I'll try here. If we get a nice, clear answer (other than 'why wouldn't you use fake region?' type) it should be added.

    Here's what I have: n3DS XL, B9S 1.2, LUMA 8.1. SysNAND 11.4 USA, EmuNAND 11.3 EUR. When I choose to "use EmuNAND FIRM" option in Luma settings (might as well as it's pretending to be a European n3DS), the EmuNAND will not boot and hangs on a black screen. When I disable that option, the EmuNAND boots fine and I get (as expected) the "EmuS 11.3.0-36E" version string in Settings.

    How can I update the EmuNAND from 11.3.0-36E to 11.4.0-37E so I can boot from it using its own FIRM? Does it update (1) properly and (2) fully/completely even though it's booted using SysNAND FIRM? When I boot using EmuNAND FIRM, does everything still get properly patched and protected by Luma?
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