Luigi mansion 3 battery life (sxos emunand)

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  1. Puppydogpals

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    I hardly ever play my switch undocked for more than an hour at a time usually less

    But yesterday I took my daughter to hospital to get some teeth out so decided to play luigi mansion 3.

    I am on latest firmware and latest sxos on emunand. After nearly 1 hr 45 min on full brightness and aeroplane mode my battery dropped to 33% from 100%

    Is this normal for this game is it an intensive game battery wise. Does emunand use more battery as it uses the sd card more?

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  2. Teletron1

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    I did notice that this game makes the Switch run warm so that translates to battery lost (in both docked and undocked)
    All those shadowings is pushing the limits on it
  3. goncalodoom

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    Also the game runs at native 720p undocked and native 1080p docked which is demanding too. My Switch runs this game at 41c undocked and about 52c docked.
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    Buy a recommended and stable battery pack to charge it on the go.
    As some can fry ya power ic chip.

    Some games are intensive and draw alot of power.
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