Luigi gets a case of mistaken identity during Wii

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by lookout, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Okay. So you're all prepped and ready for the Wii launch. Map to the nearest games retailer? Check. Your waiting supplies (a DS, some food, probably)? Check. A friend and fellow Ninty fan to keep you company while waiting in line? Check. Your Luigi mascot ensemble for some serious cosplaying fun? Check. But be careful in that mascot - people might mistake you for a Ninty rep instead of a Ninty fan.

    Sush is the case with one random Wii fan in a Luigi costume who waited in line at the Akiba Yodobashi for his prized console. Unfortunately, some employees mistook him for a Ninty rep, so he ended up doing opening ceremony honors, and even presented the first Wii to one lucky customer.

    However, the Akiba Yodobashi employees soon found out that he was just your regular Nintendo fan hoping to score a Wii during launch. Where he ended up afterwards I don't know. Hopefully he was able to get his Wii, though. [​IMG]

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