Lucid Dreaming

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    I did just read about this topic in another Forum and cuz i think its a sorta interesting topic i would like to know if there are ppl here that really try to do Lucid Dreaming ?

    I had those experience as well once or twice even thaught i did not really try, just happend to notice that i was dreaming while i was ...

    The thing behind Lucid Dreaming is that ppl try to know when they dream to control their dream !
    Its really cool thing if you can do as you like in your dream but i am not sure if its really possible to train for something like this.

    more infos :

    So what do you think about it and are there ppl here who are doing it or might try it now ?
  2. juggernaut911

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    like from that one Mages Guild Mission in Oblivion?
  3. A4NoOb

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    Feb 25, 2008
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    Lucid dreaming is kind of weird. I would try to think of something and it would turn out the opposite >_>
  4. laminaatplaat

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    COOOL!!!! i never knew it had a name etc. THe last time i had a dream like that was around 2 years ago..

    Not sure why it happened then and not now (it happened al ot then), didn't really have a technique for it, but it was fucking awesome [​IMG] Would love to do it again, because it is fun!
  5. Sonicslasher

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    What I usually do to control my dreams is shoot myself. Once I know I cannot die then I can control the dream, but only to a certain degree. To wake myself up I fly at extreme speeds or jump off a tall building.
  6. FAST6191

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    There were a few threads recently on the subject but OK

    Lucid dreaming as I understand it is the ability to control your dreams. I can pull it off but only in light sleep i.e. the last hour or two and most of the time it is a bit like breakout in that I only have some guidance rather than full control.

    Better than that though is incorporating the world around your into your dream, I crashed on the sofa when film four was showing a random black and white film about a scientist who discovered a youth potion (I am sure the name that film crew would kick me for not recalling the name of it as I am fairly sure it was popular). The speech got merged in and it was decidedly weird (and this is after a "lifetime" of sci-fi, fantasy and normal science afflicted dreams).
  7. Hitto

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    Nov 29, 2005
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    Being able to control your dreams was called "imagination" back when I was a kid.
    Or, huff some ether and you'll think you're flying. There ya go, no need to check your clock every five minutes, or going to sleep with a full bladder (honestly, you want to realize how fucking stupid something is? Read the experts tell you how to achieve it, presto!)
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  9. silent sniper

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    I downloaded some lucid dreaming mp3s, and ever since i started, in every dream i all of a sudden get to go rambo on a bunch of aliens >=]

    and yes, the occasional sexy dream
  10. distorted.freque

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    Jan 31, 2008
    That explains a lot! Now I know I'm not mildly insane. :3