Lots of questions but don't want to spam the forum

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by roguetrip, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Sorry, I thought I'd keep this in the same thread and hope for some help! Thanks in ADVANCE!


    1. I have a V3 PS2 (Fat) and just bought a Network Adapter off ebay. What is the largest compatible (still available?!) HDD that works with the system?

    2. Does anyone do FMCB mod I could ship out to ya cause (or just buy a modded card straight out) I really don't want to buy all that crap to make it happen. Unless it got Easier (doesn't look like it in the sticky). I'm in the States.

    3. Also have a V19 PS2 (latest slim). Can anyone confirm if the "Reset Twice" method works for Backup PS1 games? I tried with Castlevania: SOTN (burned with IMGBurn) and can't get it to work!


    Just ordered a MM3 Modchip and a new spindle to fix up my PS1.

    4. Is there a good guide or tutorial on using IMGBurn for settings on burning the .cue files? (google doesn't turn up much).
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    1. I personally used a 320GB hard drive without any issues for HD Loader.

    2. I can do the FMCB mod for you. Just PM me for details. You just need to ship your card to me along with return postage.