Lost saves in EZ Flash 3-in-1

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    May 12, 2008
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    I just bought an EZ Flash V Plus with the 3-in-1 expansion. My problem is with retaining GBA saves. I can transfer/play ROMS alright, but every time I power off I lose this information (or it becomes corrupted). I have tried both GBA ExpLoader 57 and 58a, and I've used the SRAM patcher in GBATA to load ROMS directly from my EZ Flash kernel. NOR memory seems to hold the games like it should.

    Has anyone heard of the 3-in-1 arriving with a dead battery? Maybe it sat in the warehouse too long. Beware of DealExtreme.com ...

    I have no experience soldering, and no tools to replace my battery. Is it worth the cost/time to try it myself, or should I order a new 3-in-1 and hope for the best? I welcome any store suggestions (I'm thinking KickGaming.com).
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    Try returning it to DealExtreme

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    Try returning it back to Dealextreme. They're real good at returns. Explain to them what happened. They will most likely give you a new one.
    Good Luck!