Lord of Apocalypse - Partial translation / HD texturing on PPSSPP

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    Hi gamers,

    As many of you may already know, PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for PC and Android (and a few other platforms/systems) that has recently allowed dumping games textures so as to edit them and load them.
    This enables custom texturing, which in turn made it possible to partially translate Lord of Apocalypse (A japanese Monster Hunter-like game, with the addition of magic arts, ultimate spells, character XP and levelling, ... made by Square Enix, that is also available on PS Vita).

    Here's a preview and description on what's translated :

    And here's the link to download w/ instructions:

    Obviously, I won't provide info on how to get the game, piracy is illegal.
    Modifying a game's content might also be considered illegal (depending on the company that developped it), however, what PPSSPP offers is a soft-coded custom texture loading that does not modify the game's ISO.

    EDIT: Here's a complementary translation guide website I made http://lordofapocalypse.esy.es/
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    thanks !
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