Looking to restore my Wii back to OFW

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Nintendo451, Dec 21, 2010.

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    It's completely softmodded, I've never been on the inside. It's got OS 4.2U. My old roommate and I got it to play games off a USB drive but that's it. I'll be more than willing to answer any questions I need to help you out so don't hesitate. Nintendo can't do anything for me now, and I can't update from the web or from the Metroid disc. I can put all my saves onto an SD card and put them on later, so I have no problem with putting it back to new factory settings.

    Hopefully I'm not asking for the impossible.
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    Dec 1, 2010
    Wii does not work that way. All you have to do is update your ios. You can use modmii (offline) or pimpmywii (online). you seem to have priiloader installed also just hold reset to go in there.
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    There's no way to restore your Wii to an 'virginized' state. All hacks will leave traces on the NAND flash memory, meaning that Nintendo will be able to detect the hacks even if you remove them through uninstalling and formatting. This eliminates any point in getting your hacks removed, since either or Nintendo will be able to find them anyways. It's better to send it to them for service with hacks, than 'removed' only to get detected and make you look like an idiot.

    If you want to get the hacks out of the way... Make sure you have Homebrew Channel 1.0.8. (this is important). Perform a clean update to 4.3U. If it's not allowed, disable to update blockage from Priiloader's system menu hacks (boot it up by pressing reset). This will effectively remove all your cIOS, Priiloader, and most of the other homebrew installed into the Wii's memory. Afterwards, remove any sort of WAD files that are left behind using a WAD Manager. Finally, go and uninstall BootMii and the Homebrew Channel using the HackMii Installer.

    I wouldn't recommend removing the hacks, since there really isn't a point of it.
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    The question that needs to be asked is why do you want to "virginize" your Wii?

    If you just want to update your Wii, updating your Wii through Nintendo is not the way to go if you want to continue using your Wii softmodded. I would recommend either using ModMii, MMM, Dop-Mii (non-WiiBrew Edition) or NUSD with any WAD manager to update your Wii in a more softmod friendly fashion.

    Keep in mind, except for playing VC/WiiWare, if you use a loader, disc or USB, you don't need to update your Wii. Loaders use cIOS and not the standard Nintendo IOS. So if you have a game that does not play, search on what cIOS it needs and update or switch to that.

    -Happy Holidays! []D