Looking to get a PSP for homebrew, emu's etc.

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by NiGHtS, May 3, 2010.

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    And I'm not sure which one to get... [​IMG]

    At first I thought the S&L 3000 would be good because of it's extra RAM and lighter weight, but after doing some searches on google there's a good argument about how hackable it is etc.

    So I considered the 1000 or 2000...but if I'm gonna get one I may as well do it right eh? I'm just looking to use regular stuff on CFW PSP's such as homebrew, CSO/ISO, emu's blah blah....

    help? [​IMG]

    Oh and what I should've mentioned is that it's much easier for me to get a fairly cheap S&L 3000 than it is for me to track down a 1000...so looking at my options what would you guys say?
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    It's actually far easier just to buy a used PSP 1000 from your local gamestop? I don't know why you find it easier to get a 3000? To be honest, 1000/2000 > 3000 all the way.

    Gamestop PSP 1000

    I'm watching the 2nd part of Dragon Ball Z episode 1 on gotube at the minute on my PSP-1000? the 1000 actually feels more sturdy than the 2000/3000 and has more battery life. All things considered
    I'm really pleased with my 1000 and 8GB of memory.

    I haven't had any trouble with emulators or anything? I don't really know of many pieces of homebrew that use the extra RAM anyway, and I'd have to say that it hasn't really effected my experience? I'm currently using Homer's RIN/SNES/NES and GPSP-J as well as a bunch of ISO's and Eboot-PSX games.

    Last case scenario get the 3000, but do be aware that, it'll never be fully hackable like the 1000. Also, not having to deal with ChickHEN's randomness is a total plus. 1000's are fully hackable, and recoverable with a Pandora battery. They also have 30-40% more battery life than the 2000/3000.

    Optimally, a PSP-2000 would be best for the Screen/Microphone/RAM, but they aren't really necessary. I believe there's a memorystick/application (PSP-Ident) that can identify the motherboard and whether or not the PSP is hackable. Finding a good PSP is definitely worth the time and effort.

    if the patent from PSP-hacks is any indicator of the next E3 "PSP", coming next month, then I'd have to say that it's worth your while to get a 1000/2000. On the other hand, optimistically, it may be better to wait and see what sony is going to bring to the table portable wise at E3.
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    Mar 9, 2010
    i was in the same situation a couple of months ago.

    i went ahead and got the Slim 2000, which is usually hackable but depends on its current firmware and motherboard.

    the Slim has the extra RAM and is sleeker in design than the Phat 1000.

    it is exactly the same as the 3000 as far as i know except for not having a built in microphone and the extra screen lighting.

    also, check ebay as there are always dozens of PSPs going at good prices, some of which are already hacked.
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    If anything, it's probably easier to find a hackable PSP 2000/Slim than it is a 3000/Brite with 5.03 Official Firmware.

    If you can find a 3000 with 5.03 (or under) firmware for cheaper, and in better condition than a 2000, I would suggest getting the 3000- that screen really does make a big difference (to me), and putting the PSP in "sleep" mode instead of complete shutdown isn't difficult, the powersaver plugin works/helps with battery life, etc. Plus, ChickHen -> custom firmware isn't that difficult, if you need to have a complete shutdown.

    Just my opinion- a definitely hackable 2000 will be much more reliable for CFW and all its benefits (it just is), but that doesn't mean that a 3000 is completely unreliable (and, the screen makes old games more enjoyable).

    Happy shopping!
  5. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Get a 1000. IIRC all of them are fully hackable, and they have much higher battery life than 2000/3000. Unless you really want a slightly better screen, but I don't think that's what anyone wants when they just want to get a PSP for the games (are there any? [​IMG]) and the homebrew.
  6. xist


    Jul 14, 2008
    Much lesser battery life you mean since the Slim PSP's have a lesser power consumption! Plus if you get an old PSP 1000 battery and use it in a slim you have much more battery life than a standard phat/slim.
  7. NiGHtS

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    Jul 9, 2007
    Hmmm....thanks for the help peoples n_n

    I think I'll go ahead with the 3000...there's one in my local store with 5.03 which is cool plus it's £70 which isn't too bad at all.

    And the reasons it's far easier for me to get a 3000 than a 1000 are for the fact that:

    -As said above 3000 is being sold in the local cex for a decent price
    -All the 1000's I've seen (not on the internet) are in a feeble condition...
    -Using my DS lite's warranty I only need to pay £5 on top if I hand that in, which I will

    So yeah, thanks again everyone [​IMG] The DS not emulating at full speed on a lot of games and emu's was annoying so PSP here I come [​IMG]
  8. Jolan

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    PSP has access to a lot of old consoles via emulation, so it's much better than the DS in that regard.
    Picking up a 3k means you'll go semi-hacked, but I doubt that's a problem. right?