Looking to get a Modded Xbox 360 off of CraigsList

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by mastaj, May 12, 2010.

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    Hey, the past month I have been looking to get a modded xbox 360 to play back-up games. However looking at all the craiglist ads has confused me. Which is the best type of modded Xbox? Is it a JTag one? I would like to be able to boot games from a hard drive rather than from a burnt disc.
    The ad says it has Jtag with running xexmenu 1.1. Will that be able to play the newest games, like Super Street Fighter 4 and Alan Wake?
    Also, will it be easy to update the xexmenu in the future if I need to, to play the newest games?
    Thanks in adavnce
  2. Elritha

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    Jan 24, 2006
    Jtag is the one you want, if you want to be able to boot backups from a hard drive without a dvd, even from an external hard drive. It will also allow you to use dlc and arcade games you -acquire-.

    You should be able to play all the latest games with a jtag Xbox. In the future you may have to update the dashboard to a hacked one such as Freeboot or XBR. This can do done with flash360 via usb. At the moment Freeboot has a modified dashboard of the latest official 360 dashboard, while XBR does not.

    Also, forget about going on live with a jtag.
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    But you can always system link mod over X-Kai-link which is pretty cool.

    Sadly most jtag owners are 12 year old kids whos mommy bought it for them so they could do the COD 10th prestige lobby.

    They werent just made for COD and pirating. Mine will be used for Fallout 3 mods and Guitar hero customs.