Looking to buy used wii u, some question

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    I am looking to buy used wii u and i got soem question when looking on ebay. How come i see a lot of "system only" listing. Is wii u really prone to failure? Also is the tablet controller really needed or a classic controller will do? Finally, what seems to be a fair price for a 5.51 system?
  2. Dust2dust

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    Jun 17, 2010
    I guess people break their Wii U gamepad a lot. Too many drops on the floor, probably. Without it, you can't access the settings menu (not that I know of). And I don't think you could use any current hacks (Loadiine and other stuff). These systems are only good to buy if you have in your possession a working gamepad. You just sync it with the console, and it will work.