Looking For The Easiest Way To Mod XBOX 360

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    Hi everyone. I have a soft modded Wii(Soon to have the mod chip installed). I also have the Nintendo DS AceKard chip inside, now I would like to know the easiest way I can mod the XBOX 360. I have the White XBOX 360 with the 20 gig hard drive and I would like to be able to play backup games on it and would like to know the easiest way to mod it. I am not familiar with modding at all, but if something can be done kinda like the Twilight Hack on the Wii that I did then that would be great. But if I do have to buy a mod chip in order to mod it that is fine too, just need to know what kind to get and where from. Thanks
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    First off, there is no way to soft mod it.
    You have to open up the case and plug the drive into your PC and install a custom firmware on it or something like that.
    More info Here
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