Looking for Terry no Wonderland 3D Guides/Translation

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    So i recently started playing Dragon Quest Monsters Terry no Wonderland 3D and im loving the game despite it catering to a more casual audience. However since its available only in Japanese ive had some troubles with figureing out more detailed stuff in the game. I've been searching for translations , faqs , walkthroughs etc but found nothing so far...

    I was wondering if there was some kind of wiki or other type of page with such informations before i start my own. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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    I think it's a bit much to conclude they might release DQM series here because of this new company direction.
    As much as I would love seeing DQMTW3D localized, the series have always been a niche series,
    the best I could expect is it been released only digital, like Ace Attorney 5, that been as optimistic as it gets.

    If Square Enix releases DQVII here, than we can get more optimistic about it.
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    Hey, I was recently considering making a guide in English with translated moves and story line. Does that sound of interest to you? I might also make a guide for the newer games coming out in the winter! (Joker 2 II, etc)
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    This has been the reason I haven't played this game. A guide would be great.
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    I myself have been playing through this game as well. I just started it Monday. And I'm 11hrs+ into the game. I'm translating the game as I go with Google translator app. I take picture of screen. And the app scans for Japanese text. For the most part it's working great. Its translated to Broken English but I can understand what's being said.

    I also have played through the GBC version at least 50 times. I may be able to help if you get stuck. I know this post is old but still there's no US release and the psx translation still has yet to be completed.

    There are many various changes to this game which changes the feel from the old school DQM game. But still worth playing.

    Need help figuring something out I'm glad to try and help you. I'm at the travelers gate after beating the F class.

    Things I have translated
    "X" button menu - what each icon does.
    Monster Strategies - what each stategy does (battle style)
    The battle menu - fight,items,scout,strategy etc....
    monster ranch pulio text- exchange/manage monsters
    Monsters stats - atk, def,quickness, exp to next level etc...
    (I have not translated skills though sorry)

    Tips to help with journey - #'s 1-7 I've translated so far. (Just been lazy to finish the rest)

    The weapon+Item shop by the well - translated all items and weapons they sell and item descriptions.
    (Up to where I am in the game)

    Terry's warpwing locations- places terrys warp skill takes you translated.

    With what I have translated it makes the game rather playable in my opinion if you are familiar with the past game for GBC.

    Once I play through entirely or a little more into the game I'll post my translations with pictures if I get the chance I've been wanting too but at times I lose interest.
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    If anyone wants to get together and share all of what we translated so far we may be able to get info that others couldn't translate / figure out. I'm always welcome to share my findings.
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