Looking for somebody to review Mario Strikers

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  1. hey_suburbia

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    Apr 24, 2004
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    I'm looking for somebody to review Mario Strikers charged for the Wii.

    Maybe 4-5 paragraphs, with pictures/video.

    Interested? PM for details.
  2. Wanque

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    Sep 20, 2005
    Screw that! I'm submitting my review right here!

    Mario Strikers charged for the Wii - by Wanque

    Mario Strikers charged for the Wii is based on a game known in England as 'football'. The game of football involves kicking a spherical object known in England as a 'ball' around a rectangular patch of grass known in England as 'Waitrose'.

    The difference in Mario Strikers charged for the Wii is that it is not the same as real life! It's more like a crazy game played by the criminally insane.

    You can control any Nintendo character. This includes Mario, and his brother, Craig. Also included are all 601 of the Pokemon and a few secret characters.

    Mario Strikers charged for the Wii is a game on the Wii, and therefore you don't control it in any logical way. Instead, you strap the remote onto your legs and run around the kitchen to make your character move. To kick the ball, you must unstrap the remote and draw a smiley face in the air.

    Mario Strikers charged for the Wii is the first game to have the Internet installed! You can talk to anyone online with it, even if they don't own a Wii. This often causes confusion.

    In summary, Mario Strikers charged for the Wii is an excellent game for the Wii, but only if you like the sport of football. If you don't like it, buy something else, like a book or a new hat.

    4 out of 6
  3. davewii

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    Mar 25, 2007
    kk lol
  4. megatron_lives

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    Jul 6, 2006
    Dude that was some funny shit!! [​IMG]

    I love the controls review - "draw a smiley face" [​IMG]
  5. jngamer

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    Apr 26, 2007
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    i will..... as soon as i finish downloading it and get it to work on my wiikey
  6. Bloodgod

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    before I waste a DVDr and my Wii, I need some clarification from North American (NTSC-U) Wii users.

    -Does it work?
    -Having 2.2U(?) firmware does not = a bricked system when prompt to update by Mario Striker ?

    Edit: Never mind.

    Mario Strikers Charged Football (Allstars)
    Works tested with Wiifree, Chiip and Wiikey * DONT PATCH ISO!* PATCH ISO for CycloWiz / Update doesn't Brick the Wii