Looking for newest DNS to Sign In PSnetwork!

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    Like i said on the topic, i think they already blocked so i couldn't sign in to my PS account unless update my system to 3.69, i wonder if someone know the new DNS that still working. My ps vita firmware is 3.67. Thanks in advance
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    You can install h-encore on 3.67 with Auto H-Encore, then just spoof 3.69.
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    I use the one u use and it works fine. I’m on 3.65 HENkaku enso
    And I just updated my pstv with it and then did h encore two days ago. I think that maybe the old dns for updating to 3.60. The guide I think has a dif one for updating to 3.65. Also used as blockers but if u were lower firm then u could update using it

    Google vita guide and the newer dns is in there. But I think at end of guide they say to set up the one in ur first post
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