Looking for Japanese translator to finish an english Wrecking Crew 98 Translation!

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Hi guys!
    I've been working on a project for quite some time now, it's basically an English translation of a somewhat obscure gem for the Super Nintendo called Wrecking Crew 98.


    You can find the main hacking thread here:

    Basically, the game was distributed only through special kiosks in Japan, and the game was never available in the west in any form.

    With that said, a group of incredible hackers have helped me to dig up the game's data, and I have already translated all of the graphics and menus.

    The only missing right now is just someone who knows Japanese and can help out with the main text translation to english.
    That's all that's left, I just need the translated text to finish the project.
    We already have all of the proper tools for text insertion and have everything ready to go, we just need someone willing to help out and translate the text.

    The text dump for the game can be found here:

    It's divided in both Story and Tutorial text.
    If any of you guys wants to lend a hand on this, please let me know!
    I'll give proper credit once the translation is released of course.