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    Hi There.
    i saw MK9 resolution Hack , but healthBar and some sprites on screen stay at original resolution.
    I watched the behavior of these sprites and it seems to me that they are fixed to one point relative to the screen. If we find these files in the system files and increase their resolution (from 640*384 to 960*540) , then they will be in the right place.
    when i delved into Game files mk9 i noticed what all files contain in .xxx format (compressed textures, models animations, e.t.c). What interesting thing PS Vita game Uses same Resourses folders, as Xbox 360/ps3/PC version.
    After that I thought: can we take the sprites from the ps3 version of the game and insert them into the version for PsVita? I seems to Port MK9 for Vita do lazy developers -"okay console is not so powerful, and you reduce sprites and polygons on models, but you just automatically reduce graphics in programm, without any additional Work (for example backrounds looks fine, but Some important things like Holes on Scorpion Mask looks awful)
    After all, i ask for some help with unzip compressed .xxx files, maybe you know any programs for that?
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