Looking for good affordable headphones

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    I'm not an expert at this stuff

    I don't care about wireless (in fact I'd prefer not charging my headphones), I don't care about in-line mics and though that's definitely a plus I prefer more quality within the same budget, I don't like earphones (the ones that go in) because my ears get dirty pretty quick. I'm looking for the over/around ear sort. I'm OK with the ones that are on-ear, so long as they don't cause headaches after hours of use due to pressing against the ear

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD201s which I was very happy with. I considered ordering them again. The problem is that they don't fold, and as a busy college student I put them into my heavy school bag quite a bit so they lasted a good year or so before breaking. The bass is a bit weak; that didn't bother me too much until I sometimes switched to my apple EarPods and realised how much I was missing out on. Also they're pretty ugly.

    Basically all I need is
    • Over/around ear (on-ear is OK as long as it's not headache-inducing)
    • Good quality, actually audible bass
    • Foldable (OR just durable)
    • Wearing them in public isn't social suicide
    What do you guys suggest?
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    Before I had real money to spend on headphones, I really loved Philips O'Neill 'The Stretch'. Durable with quite good bass response.
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    Nothing by Beats by Dr. Dre or anything of the like. I personally like the MDR-7506 from Sony. Good quality headphones that are used by professionals and are fairly cheap headphones wise.
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    Also look into the ATH M50 or Koss PortaPro

    >Wearing them in public isn't social suicide
    Impossible unless it's IEM/earbud.
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    Koss KSC75 is amazing, and even more after you know it's price.
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    To be honest and this would sound weird, but I consider the MD827ZM Apple EarPods to be:
    • Very cheap / budget.
    • Very portable and actually good quality with audible bass.
    • Well, they don't need to be foldable, as they are actually earbuds, and they are not headache inducing.
    • I don't think they imply any kind of social suicide, but who knows.
    • They sound good and loud even with the crappy 3DS output.
    This one is cheap and affordable for real, the following ones are not exactly cheap but perhaps affordable:

    Then, still portable, but with increased price, better sound quality and beautiful noise cancelling features I would recommend Bose QC15, they are nice specially in noisy situations, I haven't tested the new QC25, perhaps they are better or not.
    In home I like to use Sennheiser HD598, they are very comfortable but bleed sound like it is the right thing to do, I don't think they are good to use in public because of sound bleeding, and also they are not very portable.
    Also in home I use the wireless Sennheiser HDR180, they are NOT portable, they have great sound quality, they are very comfortable, and I love using them for extended time when playing videogames or using my computer, watching movies, whatever.
    Other headphone with good sound quality, acceptable portability and comfort, and (I think) stylish and usable in public as they don't bleed much sound, are the over the ear Sennheiser Momentum (I don't like them on ear), perhaps this are the one you are looking for, but they are not cheap (neither expensive as hell) headphones.

    So, based on your budget, choose your destiny?
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