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    Aug 31, 2015
    I am getting a flashcard for my 3DS soon so i can play NDS rom's and emulators. I have trouble looking for firmware. I don't know if i want the R4 firmware because i have heard that the R4 firmware looks horrible. I have downloaded DSTWO but i am not sure if it would work for my 3DS because it's 10.3.

    But i don't remembered if i will get an micro sd card with it or without a firmware. If you guys know any ds homebrew firmware that works on 3DS 10.3 it would be great if you send me any downloadable links.

    Thx :)
  2. You can't just use any firmware with any flashcard, you need the one specific to the flashcard you are getting.
    If you want to use the DSTwo one you have to buy a DSTwo.
    If you get a cheap R4 then you'll have to figure out exactly which one it is and where you can download the files for it, which can be fairly difficult if you just get the first random R4 you see on the web. There's hundreds of different kinds of R4 it seems like and many of them are really obscure and it's difficult if not impossible to even find the files for them online.

    R4i Gold 3DS from r4ids.cn is a good one that can run Wood R4, which has about 100% compatibility with every DS game, and it's pretty cheap. It works on latest 3DS firmware and likely will never get blocked as they seem to have given up on blocking DS flashcards somewhere around 7.0.0
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