Looking for Any DS in the 3DS Family Under 9.2

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    Jun 25, 2015
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    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the 3DS scene, so I apologize if there's another thread about this.

    Basically, I want to know if there's a easy way to obtain a DS in the 3DS family under 9.2.

    From browsing the forums, I've seen responses from people that say a brand new 2DS comes with a firmware version under 9.2. This would be my cheapest option. Is this true? A new 2DS ships under 9.2?

    And any other options y'all would like to suggest?

    Thank you guys!
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    1. IDK about 2ds, but you can even buy a "new 3ds" on version 9.2,even thought it's pretty rare.
    2. 3ds and ds are totaly diffrent lines of consoles. ds family features the DS, the DS lite, DSi, DSi XL, while the 3DS family features the 3ds, 3ds XL, "new" 3ds, "new" 3ds XL and the 2ds.

    if you wanna play ds games, you should buy a DS or a DS lite, its a lot cheaper and all that consoles support all the hacks of that generation. note that it's the previous generation so it won't play pkmn X\Y\OR\AS
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    Jun 25, 2015
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    Not to be a douche, but I wasn't being literal. I'm not talking about the old DS, DSi, etc.

    I'm talking about the 2DS,O3DS,O3DSXL,N3DS, etc.

    There's just so many DS'S (that play 3ds games) in the 3DS family that I didn't know how to go about wording it. Sorry about that :P

    So no. I'm talking about the old old DS family. I'm talking about the 3DS family.

    I want to get a 2DS or even a 3DS under 9.2 so I can install CFW, etc.

    I've been hearing around the forums that new 2DS's ship under 9.2 or at 9.2. I just want to know if this is true xD
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    Yeah, dont say DS though, it will confuse people, because theyre completely different things

    N3DS XL Firmware by version number
    All o3DS models are 9.2 and under, as are 2ds Im pretty sure
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