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    Nov 21, 2006

    I have 2 Switches that haven't been used a ton, haven't really been hacked (*see note on Switch A) but I very much WANT to hack once the scene has matured a bit more.

    My question is to figure out the optimal firmware level as a starting point since there must be a new firmware lurking [PERSONAL SPECULATION] with the upcoming Nintendo Online service launching in September.

    My Switches:

    Switch A: Firmware 3.00, No Nintendo Account linked, Never been on the Nintendo Eshop, No exfat update, No hacking aside from a tiny bit of tinkering when the original 3.00 web hack was released. Played some emulators. etc.

    Switch B: Firmware 4.10, Nintendo account linked, Downloaded demos from Nintendo Eshop, legit exfat update obtained when 4.10 was current, No hacking or playing with certs whatsoever.

    I have not decided whether to go with SX OS or wait for the maturity of a free option. Any advice on updating one Switch or the other to 5.1.0 while I still can? or better to wait?
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