Looking for a good pair of earphones

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Vipera, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Title says all. I don't want to use in-ear crap as they are uncomfortable. My budget is 50$. Priority to stuff with more than 3 years of warranty. Last pair used were the Sennheiser MX 365, broke one day after warranty expired.
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    Unfortunately, most of the nice high quality earbuds are in-ear these days, the standard earbud design doesn't get much attention as they did in the beginning. If you value high quality sound, you're stuck with Sennheiser's MX 365's. If you don't really care, all that's left is JVC's, some older Sony earbuds, I think Skull candy still makes earbuds...

    If you don't like the feel of conventional in-ear buds, I would strongly suggest the Klipsch S4i's. They use smaller and angled ear tips that fit infinitely better than other in-ear headphones, and they have better performance just about any other earbuds I've tried. They're ~$60 on Amazon, but you can find them for <$50 elsewhere.
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    I typically use over the war headphones/headsets and my favorites for your budget would be the older green Razer Krakens. They're bulky but they provide astounding sound for a very cheap 50 dollar price for the quality.