Looking for a game similar to Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

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    I used to play Romance of The Three Kingdoms all of the time back when the PSX was around. My best friend and I logged so many hours playing that game as we loved the strategy to it. I guess my question is, are there any games that are like that for the DS at all? I'm pretty sure they made a couple of them for the JPN DS but they never made a stateside release. Nor can I find anything regarding a fan translated version. If any games in that similar style exist that you guys know of I'd be happy to try them out. Thanks. :yaynds:
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    In English- if the Age of Empires, Civilisation, Anno, Populous, Advance Wars and Settlers titles do not do it for you (and having played a few Romance of The Three Kingdoms titles if you said "not enough" I would not be able to argue otherwise) you are out of luck. Beyond those, assuming you do not count something like the Guild or go into the likes of Fire Emblem, battles of prince of persia (not worth it), the final fantasy 12 spinoff, things that usually get dubbed tactics games and such, there is very little other than simplistic titles. That is not to put down some of the RPG and tactics games but given you asked for Romance of The Three Kingdoms by name I doubt they will scratch that itch.

    In Japanese (and Korean for that matter) there are considerably more options but to my knowledge none have an active or complete translation project. Titles here include Daikoukai Jidai (granted this is more trading than mass army command), Nobunaga no Yabou, Daisenryaku and the majority of things with sengoku in the title.

    You might also get something out of http://gbatemp.net/topic/221086-any-addictive-trading-game-similar-to-uncharted-waters/

    Edit- just for clarification there are also Romance of The Three Kingdoms titles on the DS and if you got searching they usually get Romanised as Sangokushi or possibly San goku shi.
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    Sadly, unless you know Japanese fluently, you're out of luck. The Koei simulation genre is unfortunately an unscratched itch for me on Nintendo handhelds. It's just too niche for publishers, I guess. You'll have better luck emulating the old ones, or buying those on the PS2.
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    Yeah i didnt think they really made much past the 90s in terms of games like that. Its a shame because i love the originals.
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    Me too. I'd probably jump in joy if I hear even an SNES title is released/ported/remade on the DS/3DS.

    Hell, it's no Koei, but I'll take Gemfire as well. We need these old genres back. And 4X too. We need em back.
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    They've been making them almost nonstop for the past two decades, we just never got US releases of the DS titles. Hell, ROTKXI even got an English PC release, and ROTKXII is being shown at TGS.

    edit - and for what it's worth, the DS titles are remakes of the original games with polished interfaces. Shame none of them ever came over, but these titles are about as niche as it gets.