1. Azadar

    OP Azadar GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 19, 2006
    United States
    Let me ask you guys for a few suggestions for some RPG's on the GBA or DS that are actually GOOD.

    I can get about 3 so please list yout top three choices.

    This should be in the GBA section, thought I posted there but guess not can a mod move it please.
  2. salv

    salv Male Nurse

    Oct 24, 2002
    well golden sun always pleased people who were looking for a good and lenghty RPG series.
    Try the MMBN series as well. i guess its sorta considered as an RPG there are too many of thoese games tho.
    Try Final Fantasy Tatics advance as well if you havent already. i loved it!
    and then theres always the pokemon series...
  3. ConraDargo

    ConraDargo Flashback Fanatic

    Dec 29, 2003
    1. Golden Sun (duh)
    2. Tactics Ogre
    3. Sword of Mana

    Runner-ups: Final Fantasy Tactics and Riviera: The Promised Land
  4. dice

    dice pansy-ass ex-staff member
    Former Staff

    Oct 26, 2002
    there are waay too many topics for you to make a new one asking the same question. Use the search options..
  5. Glacius0

    Glacius0 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 27, 2005
    I reckon it really depends what you consider a good RPG. For instance, you might not like strategy, or you might love it. You might find graphics very important, or story. I thought Golden Sun was quite mediocre. It was entertaining and pretty, but the story just went nowhere and the battles weren't all that strategic.

    Personally I like either a very strategic or a very action oriented battle mode. But above all I like an epic or at least entertaining story. RPG's I liked are Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Very funny dialogue and a very active battle system where you get to dodge attacks) and Summon Night 2 (Although the story itself is not that great and doesn't suck you in it's still ok and the real time battles were great. Just loved that drill weapon XD).
  6. shadow1w2

    shadow1w2 Still here.

    Mar 16, 2004
    United States
    My favorites.
    Shining Soul one and two: plays more like an MMORPG without the massiveness. Multiplayer goes up to four players, and thats where the game actually gets good as things change some with more players and some cooperation.

    Summon Night Craft lord: found it just plain fun. Its more dungeon like and you dont do alot of the exploring you do in most RPGs, but its fun to make weapons and fight all Tales of Phatasia style without the semi-auto hting in the way. [The sequals are better, but theres no word of them coming to the US. I do hope someone translates them :3 They have more exploring in them it seems.]

    Breath of Fire one and two are some nice ports, but somehow I feel like the SNES version was more worth playing despite the small updates in the GBA version.

    Keitai Denjuu Telefang 2: a thick japanese pokemon alternitive. They made a game for GBC in english called POKEMON diamond or something. Ive found it interesting a bit.

    Phantasy Star 1 2 and 3 were ported to the GBA too.

    RPG Tsukuru Advance: RPG maker (pointless but worth mention)

    DemiKids Light and Dark versions: Another pokemon like game but with a fairly interesting story.

    The japanese Full Metal Alchemist RPG was fun, but its all in japanese ofcourse.

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories.: didnt get the story, but it was a fun yet odd card like game. Its worth a try atleast.

    Rivera: Loved this one. Story is intriging and it has a big stradegy elemnt to go with it. Though alot of times your going around the same backgrounds but going through differnt areas anyway. Its confusing, but has an interesting system. Worth a few trys. (I suggest you use save states though, ya never know what might happen in the game sometimes)
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