looking for 2 devices, one for DSL, one for the GBA Player

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    Hey Guys,

    quite some sellers have severly reduced stock on the GBA devices, but I still need to get two GBA backup carts. One for use in the DSLite and another one for use in the my GBA Player (GameCube).

    Is the GBA expansion the the M3 DS Real a good choice for use on the DSL ? Has it been reviewed somewhere / does it compare to the M3 Lite Perfect in compatibility ?

    Which of the non-light devices (= classic GBA size cart) can be recommended for use on a GBA player ? Is a M3 Perfect the only good choice ? (I've browsed trough the other threads and there are quite some recommendations - just want to make sure there's nothing to be missed when using a backup device with a GBA player).

    Thanks in advance !
  2. DanTheManMS

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    When using the GBA Player or a normal GBA/GBASP, you want to get a slot-2 device with its own memory card. The M3 Perfect is a good choice, as is the EZ-IV (not Deluxe or Compact). Those would be the main two devices to look into.