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    May 4, 2019
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    Hi everyone! Ive always turned to this wonderful site/forum for all of my (Nintendo) console softmodding needs. Now I finally feel like
    it's' time I showed some appreciation and made post to all of you great folks! A little background info about me first off I've been a gamer
    my whole life. I've always turned to gaming as my main source of inspiration and happiness and I am CONVINCED that I am a better person
    for it.

    I LIVE WITH NO INTERNET SERVICE (save for dial-up) or satellite) THIS IS MISERABLE! Not even
    phone company DSL runs a line out here the mother effin' boonies (in Texas btw...) I have to travel AT LEAST. 7 miles to a (local) library that apparently has local phone company DSL. But guess what? I can only
    use that through friggin Wi-Fi which already loses speed anyway...As it stands I visit a friend who has
    actual usable cable internet. (through Suddenlink; spoilers i'm in East Texas.) Anyway I will quit
    complaining now, just know I won't always be able to reply to threads readily due to my situation.

    All that being said, I am so happy to finally tell you amazing people how much you've all helped me over the few years.
    Looking forward to much better things to come! :)
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