Long Distance Wii No Longer Able To Run Games from USB

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by bbking67, Jan 23, 2016.

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    So I set up a Wii from my daughter who is 3000 miles away. it was working fine until recently. Now CFG loader doesn't work (it erroras out and dumps to main screen). Homebrew channel seems to be working. Wiiflow sees the games on the external drive but wont load them.

    Is it possible an original game would have forced an update and invalidated the iOS?

    In any case I would like to fix it but I need some advice... I'm not there so the fewer steps the better... am i best to have my daughter run modmii? Or is there a better/easier way?

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    yes, it's possible an original game updated the cIOS.
    if it's the case, then launching a game from USBLoaders would return to system menu. if that's the symptom she has, then she can reinstall the cIOS(es).

    I don't know your daughter age, you will have to determine the easiest way for her:

    modmii :
    run modmii yourself, to generate the cIOS for the slot 249 and 250.
    it will generate lot of wad files. you need only 2 wad files from that lot (usually, d2x v8 final base 56 for slot 249 and base 57 for slot250).
    give the 2 wad files to your daughter and ask her to use this wad manager to install them. (this manager doesn't need cIOS to work)
    it will involve : copy 2 file to SD, extract a wad manager to SD, run the manager, select the proper option on screen to install the 2 wad files.

    she extracts the installer on SD.
    she runs it and select the cIOS to install, then press A.
    it will involve : extract file to SD, launch it, select the option to install :
    d2x v8 final, slot 249, base 56, version 65535, press A to install. then select
    d2x v8 final, slot 250, base 57, version 65535, press A to install, then Home to exit.
    the difficulty here can be to extract the 7z file into the correct location. some users had difficulty with extracting the installer correctly, I suggest you test it yourself first to see the difficulty.

    important: Using 65535 for the version will prevent original games from replacing the IOS. Another solution is to use priiloader and enable "block disc updates" option, a third solution is to always play from a loader (they can launch disc, not only ISO, and bypass the updates).
    Modmii should have an option to set the version to 65535 too.
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    Jun 9, 2003
    I must have forgotten the block updates option in priiloader. Thanks for the amazing amount of detail... I'll prepare the sd remotely via teamviewer and walk her through the rest. Thank you so much!

    So you think only 249 and 250 were affected?

    My daughter is 18, so she can be my hands and eyes...
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    All the cIOS's may have been effected, but 249 and 250 are the only two that really matter.

    Your Wii only accesses one cIOS at a time for any given task. Even an unmodified Wii accesses only one IOS at a time. Because of this, Nintendo would pack the features made available by the older IOS's with every newly updated IOS. (Or, patched older IOS's with new features, then installed these updated IOS's in a new slot. - However you want to look at it.) It all makes sense when you consider that as newer games were released, these games would've required access to the various features made available by multiple IOS's, simultaneously.

    Since today's most commonly used homebrew require access to the cIOS installed in slot 249, it makes the reinstallation of a cIOS, into that slot, important. The reason why the cIOS in slot 250 is recommended is simply because it has a different base [in this case it's 57], which is required by a small handful of Wii games to function properly.
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    Jun 9, 2003
    Well I finally got the Wii back this week and this worked perfectly. I probably couldn't have easily done it remotely.

    Thank you for the detailed instructions!