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    Jan 29, 2008

    Against all odds, and after a one-year break, I finally decided to revive the LoneWolfDS project. I updated my development environment to the latest DevKitARM and Palib, and after some weeks of work, here it is: Caverns Of Kalte. For those who had missed the first two volumes, "Flight From The Dark" and "Fire On The Water", this is an attempt at porting good old paper gamebooks to the DS console.

    So what's new in this third book?
    - A new and exciting adventure in the Icy Wastes of Kalte!
    - Improved the game engine for handling more complex events
    - Made 2 new musics for even more variety
    - Now uses the latest development libs so the compatibility with all new linkers should be improved.

    As with "Fire On The Water", you can continue your game from the last book. For this, you need to have the "Fire On The Water.xml" file at the root of your linker, and this saved game must contain at least one slot saved at the end of book 2.

    You can get the game here : http://www.projectaon.org/staff/frederic/index.php

    (please don't host the ROM on your site but use this link instead, as required by the Project Aon licensed)

    Because of the change of my development tools, I hadn't the possibility to test compatibility on many linkers. So this is a Release Candidate. If you encounter a problem or a bug, please tell me your linker model and I'll try to investigate. Thank you for your feedback!

    Spread the word and have fun! [​IMG]

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    This is great news and easily my favorite homebrew on the DS. Great work and thanks very much!
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    Cool, thanks for the great news.