Logitech G29/G27 HID TO VPAD

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    Does anyone have a hid to vpad .ini config file for the Logitech G27 or G29 racing wheel for use on a wii u? if so, could someone be kind enough up attach it for download?

    Also, i would like to know which racing wheel works with Gamecube games, being loaded from USB Loader-GX via the Nintendon't plug-in I tried to use a official Gamecube & 3rd party mayflash Gamecube controller adapter for PC/wii u and plugged in a Logitech Gamecube racing wheel & a Naki Gamecube racing wheel in the 1st ports of both adapters and they both don't respond to button presses.

    The Logitech Gamecube racing wheel does make a noise, when Nintendon't is booting up but that is as far as it will go.

    I was thinking of getting either a Logitech G27 or G29 but i wanted to see if someone has created a HID to Vpad .ini config for either of them first.

    With all the racing games for the gamecube, i would hope someone has a working config for at least one racing wheel for gamecube games on a modded wii u.
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