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    LOCKJAW 0.40
    Open source Tetris for Windows/NDS/GBA

    "LOCKJAW is a tetromino stacking game that lets you set the rules". No better words describe this homebrew, which lets the user customize their Tetris experience to the max. Changelog and download below (includes all 3 versions).

    [title:Changelog]0.40 (2007-11-27)

    * Split out speed curves and randomizers to separate files called speed.c and random.c.
    * Adjusted master delays to be closer to TAP; 600-999 no longer overlap Death 000-399.
    * Displays short description of each option (requested by AXYPB).
    * Drill gimmick is back, with the new goal of clearing the bottom row (requested by DIGITAL).
    * Begin to add code for explosive line clear gimmick; not yet integrated (requested by Joshua).
    * Debrief shows number of floor kicks.
    * Bottom blocks is called Deep drop to match recent Multiblocks.
    * PC: Close box works in Options and Game Keys.
    * PC: Does not redraw title screen if close box is clicked.
    * PC: If skin sets transparentPF=1, hotlines and line clear animations are drawn transparent (requested by Rich Nagel).
    * GBA/DS: Can quit game from pause screen (requested by AXYPB).
    * GBA/DS: Copyright notice and options screen drawn with proportional font for readability.
    * GBA/DS: Menu uses the same sound manager that the game play uses, not the platform-specific sound manager.
    * GBA: Sound for end of game (requested by Lardarse).
    * DS: Closing the lid pauses the game and turns off the screens (requested by AXYPB).
    * DS: Unavailable hold piece is really grayed out.
    * DS: Real music and sound effects engine (requested by bob_fossil).

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
  2. Linkiboy

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    May 14, 2006
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    tepples needs to port his luminesweeper to ds :'(
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