loadiine flow and transparent tga pictures

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    I tested the loadiine flow with my own tga files, I set the fanart over the no_skin.tga and gives a transparents of 45%.
    The problem is when I test it in loadiine he only shows the 3/4 of the background file.

    this not possible? Or gives there rules, for example no levels in gimp?

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    I would assume this is because of how these gui versions are set up to use the tga directly (assuming here), instead of using something like png or jpg (or tga even), and converting it to a texture. I think in that process of conversion, it creates each channel on the Wii U, whereas the aforementioned uses what's there and the Wii U doesn't like it and is being picky.

    Just an assumption though. An old build I had before anyone had these gui versions, the TGA's needed to be upside down. I assume that's fixed, so I don't know what else might be different.
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