List of reliable places to order Gateway 3DS(and other cards!)

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    I know there is another thread about gateway availability but I want to make this one tidy and gather a list of shops and different places with any information that can help others who want to buy on the first post.
    So any information about your experience and where did you buy from would be appreciated. I will try to keep this up to date about the shops who actually have the cards in stock.

    Location: Cyprus

    Payment options: Paypal, bank transfer.

    Postage: Registered Mail 10-20 days(non-tracking), Registered Mail 5-10 days(non-tracking), EMS Data Post Express 3-5 Days(tracking).

    -Gateway in stock
    -SuperCard DSONEi in stock

    Notes: I think this is one of the best options for Europeans at the moment. They are very communicative and send the package in under 24 hours after the purchase. The lack of any other flash cards, SD micro cards, micro card readers,... is disappointing though...
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    I don't have any information to add, but I like this idea and it would help me alot.