List of Nintendo DS games that were ported over to DSiWare

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    ...and I guess some of them are from the Nintendo Game Boy Advance as well.
    Keep in mind, this list is a work-in-progress, feel free to comment missing titles.

    Name (NDS) - Name (DSi) - Notes
    Art Academy - Art Academy; First Semester & Second Semester - Both titles were split up in the store, camera function in retail release deleted.

    Paper Plane (Minigame) - Paper Plane - Part as a minigame from “Wario Ware Inc.” from GBA, new modes and sprites added.

    Puzzle League - A Little Bit Of... Puzzle League - The exact same as retail release, but with Local Multiplayer and WFC options deleted.

    Pyoro & Pyoro 2 (Minigame) - Pyoro - The exact same game kept unchanged, Pyoro 2 as unlockable.
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