List of games that have files over 4GB?

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    Feb 1, 2008
    I generally store games on to my internal hard drive, and keep them backed up on my PC via FTP, but with only having an 80GB drive (and yet to upgrade to a 500GB), I'm having storing a lot of games at any one time. I do have an external drive in a docking station, but I'm always weary - I don't want to spend half an hour copying a game to the hard drive, only for it to throw up an error saying "Cannot save over4gbfile.ps3 to hard drive", or running the risk of running out of internal space half way through, because Gaia doesn't tell me how big a game is when reading from the Blu-Ray.

    On a related note, what should I be looking for when looking for a hard drive? I get that it should be a 2.5" laptop, but what about RPM? Cache size etc? How's this drive?
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    I don't think the PS3 can take advantage of >5400rpm. Whichever you choose though google around to make sure it fits in the PS3's cage. Brand-wise, I recommend WD

    As for file size, you can just ctrl+f this page for 4gb: unless there's a list dedicated to that...
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    Earlier today I had to deal with a SeaGate HDD that died, taking the C and F partitions with it (F was used for backing up all the photos and stuff). It just reinforces what's I've been saying for a while now - stay away from SeaGate drives - every one that has ever been bought between me and a few friends have all died (whilst only one WD drive has died and a couple Maxtors, but every other drive still works, even 10 years after buying them).

    As for the drive, try a WD Scorpio Blue or a Samsung Spinpoint M7. EDIT: Based off somewhat old threads that I only half remember, most drives will have almost identical performance. SSDs may have better performance than HDDs, but in the PS3 the difference isn't worth the price (especially since many games are limited to BD-ROM speeds).